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Business & Management
Lynn Dale at SCC      

Lynn Dale
Executive Director,
Tyger River Campus

S.H.A.P.E. (for non-profits)
Time Management



Community   Communication
Daryl Smith at SCC Denise Huff at SCC Christie Rogers-Larke

Daryl Smith
Executive Director,
Cherokee County Campus

SCC Cherokee County Campus

Denise Huff
Program Manager,
Interpreter Training Program

Working With a Sign
  Language Interpreter

Christie Rogers-Larke
SCC Psychology Instructor

Communicating with the Hearing Impaired
Native American Issues and Histories


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Lynn Dale at SCC    Mark Roseveare at SCC
Lynn Dale
Executive Director,
Tyger River Campus


Mark Roseveare
Dean, Learning Resources

SCCOnline Degrees
  & Classes
Learn From Home at SCC

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Financial Aid   Health & Wellness  
Nancy Garmroth at SCC   Berta Hopkins 

Nancy Garmroth
Director of Financial Aid
& Veteran Affairs

Financial Aid &
Lottery Tuition Asisstance

Christie Rogers-Larke
SCC Psychology Instructor

Mental Health Issues in Children
Understanding ADHD

Berta Hopkins

DNA Technology: Tools to cure our ails
Body Mass Index: The good, the bad  
       and the ugly news
Make your plate a rainbow:  Use your
       food to improve your health
SUPERBUGS: is our obsession with
       antispesis creating them?
Your Body's Defense System: Using
       your external and internal arme
       forces to protect yourself

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Internet & Computers Landscape/Horticulture
Lisa Lopez at SCC     Jason Bagwell at SCC

Lisa Lopez
Computer Applications Parent Edition




Jason Bagwell
Department Head,
Horticulture Arts & Sciences

Tips for Tree Selection and Planting
      for Your Landscaping Plans
Turf Selection and Maintenance
Helping it Grow: Soil Fertilization
     Techniques to Improve Growth
Pest Control: Ridding Your Garden 
     and Yard of Damaging Pests
Choosing the Best Plants for
    Challenging Landscapes
The Latest Plants and Design Trends 
    in Landscaping

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Online Technology   Safety  
Photo not available

Luke Henry

Andre Kerr at SCC
Neil Griffin
Director, SCCOnline

SCCOnline Degrees and Courses
Keys to Online Student Success
Planning a Successful Video or Web Conference

  Luke Henry
SCC Instructor in
Allied Health Science

Auto Safety

André Kerr
SCC Campus
Police Chief

Safety on a College Campus

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Writing   Miscellaneous  
Gail McAbee photo

Luke Henry

Gail McAbee
Tutor, The Learning Center

From Idea to Publication
Writing Your Way Out of the
       Slush Pile
Genre Fiction for Beginners
Writing YA Fantasy and
       Science Fiction

Keith Pomakoy
SCC Dean of Arts & Sciences

American foreign and military policy Genocide


 The role of a community
college in the 21st century

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